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{ What exactly do you mean by "custom-designed"? }
Some companies claim their invitations are "custom" when really all they are doing is changing your name and information! My custom designs are created from scratch exclusively for you and your wedding... creating truly unique and personal invitations and paper goods.

{ How far in advance should I start the design process? }
It is wise to begin the design process about six months (or more!) before your wedding. From concept to completion, most custom invitations are finished within about eight weeks, however it can take much longer for letterpress printing or special assembly. Turn around times are dependent upon my workload at the time and how quickly I receive your feedback, so the earlier you contact me the better! (Remember, you'll need to mail your invites out typically six to eight weeks before your wedding!)

{ What do custom-designed invitations typically cost? }
Because each piece is custom, pricing varies depending on paper stock, quantities, embellishments, etc. Click here to download a PDF with sample prices.

{ Do you work with clients outside of San Diego? }
You bet! I can work with you over the phone or via email and will ship to those who cannot pick up their invitations in person (shipping fees are additional).

{ More questions? } Feel free to email me !